Talbot House, Student Accommodation

New Student Accommodation block in Nottingham city centre

In September of 2015 OBoyle Brothers undertook what would be the first of our major concrete frame projects. Located directly in the city centre of Nottingham this particular project was situated between two of the city’s A roads and therefore resulted in an extremely confined site.

The substructure consisted of a lower ground floor excavated into the natural sandstone strata at a depth of 3m from which in – situ retaining walls, transfer columns, floor slab and also stair/lift cores were cast and also an upper ground floor transfer deck. The two A roads which bordered the site had substantial level variance’s which enabled the client to have level thresholds at both floor levels.

Due to the confined spaces encountered on site it wasn’t possible for working room to be excavated on the perimeter retaining walls so OBoyles proposed a one sided shutter design which implemented the use of water proof concrete as typical practices of tanking would not have been possible. After negotiations with the principal contractor and structual engineers this design was fully adopted.

As a tower crane had not been allocated until the upper ground floor was cast, all off loading, shutter construction/striking  and concrete pouring had to be carried out by a 26 ton zero tail swing excavator which we invested in specifically for this project.

A live  sewer connection was also required in the latter stages of the project which required construction of a new 4m deep manhole connection onto the existing combined sewer.