Babworth Crematorium, Babworth

New Crematorium Build in Babworth, Retford. Consisting of main infastructure and S278 works.

Works commencing in mid november 2017 OBoyle Brothers LTD are making good progress on site for new Client ESH Build LTD. Main Earthworks due to finish in Late November, OBoyle Brothers LTD will be soon installing new foul and surface water drainage systems. Due to the rural location of the site all foul drainage will be discharged using an infiltration system after passing through a newly installed 28,000ℓ treatment tank. All surface water drainage will be disharged into newly excavated balancing ponds and soakaway storage systems. 

Other infastructure works will consist of new foundations to building and reinforced concrete structual slab, underground services network, main and overflow car parks with extensive access roads of an intricate layout and attractive kerbing. Other works will involve a full S278  road realingment with new filter lane into site. 

Anticipated completion date may 2018.